Harvest Hastings'

A Bushel & A Peck 
of Local Love

Winter Edition

"Bushel," contents 15 items.
"Peck," contents: 10 items.
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Since 2008 we have focused on the promotion of local food and products while connecting people with the producers.

A generous contribution from the Quinte West agricultural committee made it possible to create the 

Winter Edition of, 
A Bushel and a Peck of Local Love.’

This passionate project of togetherness and resourcefulness was thought up to make it a little easier, a little tastier and a lot more fun for you to reach more of us in one place! 

Every Bushel and Peck sold will help us, help local food banks. You can choose to support our efforts with an optional donation. 


members of Harvest Hastings

up to 15

high quality products

188 km

of land between each member

what's in a Bushel???

seasonal eats, treats, and a little bit more!

YSK – it weighs just over 25lbs (1/2 bushel basket included)

It containes 15 products from 10 members of Harvest Hastings + an assortment of seasonal produce from Footstep Organics

Even without a pack pickled peppers,  A Peck weighs just over 13 lbs and includes: 

1 product from each of the 10 participating Harvest Hastings members + a bag of seasonal produce from Footstep Organics

Local Garlic

two varieties to spice things up…

Knuckle Down Farm‘s chesnok red, described as mild and sweet when roasted. Railway Creek Farm‘s purple Russian garlic bulbs are a warming and mellow flavour – perfect raw or roasted.

Maple Syrup

Up at Lavender Family Maple Goodness they make fruit jams sweetened with syrup from their sugarbush and it pairs well with their maple butter. Palmateer Farms‘ pure maple syrup for a drizzle of sweet to satisfy cravings, or a splash in a sauce or marinade…

Local Beef products

At Enright Cattle Co. they make sirloin  roast and tallow soap go together and it just makes sense. They make use of the whole animal and create products that are good for the body; inside and out. 

A solid wood cutting Board + potatoes

The family of farmers at Green Gate Heritage Farm thought 5 lbs potatoes are great but what about a little something more? The eldest of the family handmade the wooden cutting board for all your chopping needs. 

Packed bushel basket


a total of 1 kg of local honey, to be exact. 500 g of Hedgerow Barnsunpasteurized honey and 500 g from Just Bee Cuz with their pure wildflower honey. 

Beeswax Candles

SoulCraft‘s artisinal beeswax candles highlight the love we have for all things local. Considerately created with wax from local hives.


Ecological and sustainable is how a family of farmers at Haanover View Farms raise their meat and crops. Enjoy a pack of perfectly spiced pork pepperettes, enough to share but delicious enough for one. 

Special thanks to the Local community partners and supporters involved in each basket.

be the first in line for future bushels & pecks
(& more!)

made possible because of these local

farmers, Producers, & Families

mark your calendars...

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Order Deadline:  January 15th


Pickup Between: January 23rd-January 31st
in Thomasburg


Please note: at this time, Harvest Hastings is unable to facilitate delivery. 

supporting local is the reason, now is the season!

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Please note:

  • Items cannot be returned or exchanged.
  • A portion of the proceeds of every Bushel and Peck will go towards supporting  local food banks.
  • We are a small community but, it takes a village, or sometimes a whole county of residents and visitors to make an impact – thank you for being a part of this.